Eight week one to one courses

Just like the 8 week group wellbeing course you will learn a tool belt of meditations, along with being given recordings of the meditations to help you to practice at home. The 8 week 1 to 1 course however is tailored to each person's specific needs. It is perfect for anyone who struggles with a group setting, or for anyone with complex needs. It also doesn't have a specific start date. Just contact me for my availability to find a time that works best for you.

All of my courses are currently delivered via Zoom due to the Covid situation.

£250 for the full course.

"Since completing the course I have found the mindfulness sessions have really helped my mental health. Over the past 8 months I've only had one panic attack and my general anxiety levels are greatly reduced. Whenever I fall out of practice, it's really easy to start small with the 10 minute meditations until it becomes routine again. Emma is really friendly, compassionate and professional. She explains everything in a way that's easy to understand."

Jamie, manchester