eight week group courses


On this eight week group course you will learn a tool belt of meditations and skills, along with being given recorded meditations for you to practise at home. All sessions last between 1 and 2 hours. Courses run periodically through the year. This course is currently delivered via Zoom due to the Covid situation. Basic weekly structure below:


Learning about some of the mindfulness concepts like formal and non-formal meditations, a bit of background and trying some short meditations.

Week 2 - Awareness of Our Bodies

 Focussing awareness on the body. Learning the complexity of how thoughts and feelings affect our lives.

Week 3 - Focus on the body moving

Moving mindfully and the importance of Identifying and braking self destructive habits

week 4 - choosing how you react

 Walking Mindfully and spotting negative thoughts and feelings and how to address them mindfully.

Week 5 -being with what is difficult

Exploring difficulties and how to deal with unwanted thoughts.

Week 6 - Making meaning out of thoughts & feelings

How mindfulness can make you more resilient to life's stresses.

week 7 - accepting silent space

How to look after yourself and starting to use silence in your meditation practise.


week 8 - the power of compassion

How to make mindfulness part of your life from now on independently.

"I started this Mindfulness course in Summer 2020 when we were easing out of the first covid lockdown and was feeling anxious to mix with people again. The course taught me to enjoy taking time out for myself to meditate, to focus on my breathing and enjoy the moment, whether it was sitting in the garden listening to birds, eating and doing chores mindfully, practicing the mindfulness of movement and visual meditations. My teacher Emma was patient, listened to my thoughts and feelings and gave me constructive feedback each week to continue with the next stage of the course. My life has benefited from learning to meditate and I feel much calmer coming out of further lockdowns" 

jane, southampton